FAX 2 EMAIL is a service whereby anyone can apply for a FREE 0866XXXXXX fax number.

On receipt of a fax your FAX number instantly emails you the fax as a PDF file attachment, which can be viewed and/or printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Communication is the key to any successful business and plays a vital part in business expansion. Due to the advance in today’s technology, the supply of information needs to be quicker, faster and more cost-effective.


  • Is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Does not need any special costly software
  • Keeps you in touch any time, anywhere!
  • Provides the facility of receiving faxes without a dedicated telephone line or a fax machine
  • When activated, you will be able to receive faxes to your e-mail address.
  • There is no need to own a fax machine. Faxes are faxed to the number allocated to you, which is linked to your e-mail address. Once in your in-box, you can then decide if it is necessary to print, delete or forward.
  • It will not cost you anything to receive faxes! The person sending you the fax will pay the cost as per normal procedure.
  • To receive incoming faxes just click “send and receive” as you would with the download of your incoming email messages.
  • The number is available from any South African telecomunications network, starting with 0866xxxxxx. However it can ONLY be dialed from within South Africa.


  • Use an existing email address
  • Multiple fax numbers for your Company – one for every email address in your company.
  • Your fax number will never change even when the company relocates to a different city or suburb. One fax number for life.
  • Receive confidential documents in the inbox of your email
  • No Telkom lines or additional fax machines needed to receive faxes
  • Save money on paper, toner and telephone costs. View the fax on your PC and select only those pages you need to print.
  • Faxes are better quality than received on normal fax machines
  • Faxes will never be lost again due to faulty lines or the fax machine running out of paper
  • Received faxes are easier to mange in digital format than hard copies
  • Read/delete/print/save or forward faxes
  • Receive simultaneous faxes – number is never engaged
  • Delete junk faxes with a mouse click.


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Insurance agents
  • Estate agents
  • Students
  • Independent business owner
  • Anyone with a need to stay on top of his/her communication needs


Each FAX number is set to receive unlimited faxes at absolutely NO COST TO YOU. There are no hidden cost, no monthly subscriptions - IT'S COMPLETELY FREE. All we require is that you use the number. All numbers not in use for a continues 30-day period will be reclaimed.


Your FREEFAX number ONLY RECEIVES FAXES FOR YOU. Your faxes are COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and will only be emailed to your address. There is no human intervention and therefore your can trust your FAX service to accept even your most private and confidential faxes.


  • Save money on paper, toner and telephone costs.
  • No need for special costly software
  • Your fax number will never be busy.
  • Save on dedicated line rental costs.
  • No need to have an expensive fax machine.
  • Provides the facility of receiving faxes without a dedicated telephone or fax
  • Allows you to receive faxes directly to your e-mail address, anytime and anywhere in the World. (email account dependent)
  • Receive simultaneous faxes
  • View the fax on your PC and print only selected pages
  • Costs nothing to receive faxes (the person sending you the fax will pay the cost as normal)
  • Your Fax2Email number will never change even if your company relocates.
  • Increased confidentiality as only you have access to your incoming faxes.
  • Better quality faxes that when received on a normal fax machine.
  • Don't use toner, ink or paper to receive junk faxes.
  • You can forward faxes to any where in the world via your email.
  • File your faxes electronically - No need for paper based filing systems.
  • Print only those faxes you want to in high quality.
  • Multiple fax numbers can be catered for – one for every e-mail in your company.
  • For corporate users you can assign individual fax numbers to your staff.